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PC 902-905


PC 902-905

Manufacturers and suppliers of small components for computers, communications equipment, electronics and other products know the importance of accurate counting and weighing. Counting parts that are so small and light that they can barely be seen is a daunting and  time-consuming process that is prone to error. Now even small-component manufacturers and suppliers have a counting scale alternative that ensures accuracy and reduces time required to count parts. The Avery Weigh-Tronix PC-902 and PC-905 digital counting scales have the ability to weigh parts as light as 0.00001 lbs. in less time with accuracy up to 99%.

Features and Benefits of Both Scales:
Printer Ready: Comes ready to connect to bar code label printer, eliminating the need to continually sample. Includes 14 label formats: 8 AWT dot matrix printers,  3 Dymo Costar and 3 Zebra Model 2844.
RS232 Output: Standard link to printers, bar code gun/ wands or computers.
Two Power Saving Modes: Puts the scale to “sleep” when not operating and allows extended battery operation.
Calibration: Front panel access, including 2 alternate calibration weight selections.
Backlit Displays: Increases visibility in poorly lit areas.
Count Methods: Bulk, dribble, multiple reverse count methods, piece weight entry.
Options For Both Scales:
Internal Battery Operation: Internally mounted 6V battery offers up to 50 hours of continuous operation and up to 500 discharge/recharge cycles.
External Battery Operation: Mounted underneath the PC-905 offering up to 20 hours of continuous operation. Spare battery packs can be changed quickly for continuous battery operation.
Remote Battery Charger: Charges two external batteries at the same time.
9” and 18” Remote Display Column: Includes 5-10’ cable.
Ball Top Kit: 12 x 14 platforms only, stainless steel using  9 roller balls.
Draft Shield: Recommended for use on 10-lb. models  to reduce external interference