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Tank and Hopper Assemblies


The 03M182 is designed for use in medium to high capacity weighing systems, including but not limited to tanks, hoppers, vehicle, and rail track scales. The Double ended shear beam, low profile design is ideal for mechanical conversations and new installations. The self checking feature eliminates the need for external hardware. The two piece bolt together chair provides easy load cell installation an replacement.

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The 16M181 is designed for use in medium to heavy capacity tanks, hoppers and bin scales. Perfect for mechanical conversions and new installations. This low profile mount with its bolt in place design simplifies the conversion of and tank or hopper into a scale. The self checking design eliminates the need for external hardware.

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All stainless steel construction, this tank mount assembly uses a hermetically sealed beam load cell with a blind load hole that has a flat loading surface. Expansion and contraction due to thermal changes and side load from external forces are handled with a rocker pin mounting.

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The model 412M is a low profile all stainless steel canister assembly. Unit is hermetically sealed, self checking, and supplied with integral mounting plates. Simplified installation and long-term reliable operation. Designed for use with tanks, bin & hopper weighing, silo, batching, & blending.

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Tank mount assembly uses a hermetically sealed canister load cell with two attached mounting plates. The lower plate is rigidly mounted to the load cell. The top plate allows horizontal expansion but does not separate from the load cell.

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The 59M is designed for use in light to medium capacity tanks, bin, hoppers and conveyors. The unique neoprene isolation pad accommodates vibration, thermal expansion and alignment. Ideal for indoor or outdoor process control applications. This mount is also rated for harsh environments when used with hermetically sealed load cells (IP65/67).

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