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Pioneer Plus Analytical


Pioneer Plus Analytical

Pioneer is designed with selectable enviornmental settings and three filter modes in order to ensure accurate operation in a variety of settings. The OHAUS Pioneer Series analytical and precision balancesare designed for reliable routine weighing at an affordable price. Equipped to handle a variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications, the Pioneer balances areavailable as both external and internal calibration models. With a backlit LCD, new application modes and built-in environmental settings – these compact yet durable balances fit right in any work setting.

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Stability indicator, software lockout and reset menu, menu and calibration locks, up-front level indicator, auto tare, mechanical and software overload/underload protection, multiple application modes and units, user-selectable communication and printing settings, user-selectable span calibration points, auto standby

  • Weighing—Determines the weight of items on the pan in the selected unit of measure.
  • Parts Counting—Counts the number of pieces on the pan using a uniform weight.
  • Percent Weighing—Measures the weight of a sample displayed as a percentage of a preestablished reference weight.
  • Density Determination—Determines density of solids or liquid. With the integrated weigh below hook, it is possible to perform specific gravity tests for objects that cannot be easily placed on the weighing pan.
  • Dynamic Weighing—Weighs an unstable sample load. The balance takes an average of weights over a period of time.


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