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Counting Scale Rental

Model 675

The GSE 675 counting scale features versatile communication protocols which allow complex part counting and integration into factory-wide inventory management systems.

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Super II Counting Scale

A superior counting scale, the Super II combines incredible accuracy with easy-to-read text prompts enhanced by a backlit display. It's internal database, bar code label making, set points and multiple base connectivity make it truly flexible. Input to the database can be entered on most computer keyboards or from the user friendly, cell phone style keypad.

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Model B-120

This is a professional grade scale, do not confuse with other models being sold. The B120 is an economical counting scale you can depend on for a variety of office and light industrial use. Intuitive keystrokes and an easy to operate design allows for quick operator training, and a variety of functionality.

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Model B-130

The B130 is a 30,000 displayed resolution counting scale with a robust plastic housing featuring a level bubble with adjustable feet, easy to read six digit LED display and 20 hour run time rechargeable.

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Model EC

Ohaus EC Series Counting Scales are economical and designed for fast, accurate operation. Ideally suited for annual inventories, parts rooms, rentals and other counting applications, with an internal counting resolution of 1:300,000.

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