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Bench Scales

Tufner Sterling Bench Scales

Heavy Duty, Accurate, Easy Setup Precision Bench Scales. High resolution with overload protection. Durable construction LED/LCD display US legal for trade CC#:11-016 Canada legal for trade CC#:AM-5817

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BSQ Bench Base

The BSQ bench base offers an unrivalled combination of accuracy and strength. The high quality Avery Weigh-Tronix Quartzell™ weight transducer allows users to weigh any item, from a miniature component to a 175 lb/80 kg box, while the design off ers exceptional protection against tough environments.

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Torsion Bases

The BSG Torsion bench scale base is designed to be paired with a weight indicator to form a simple industrial weighing system. The Torsion bench scale bases are particularly rugged by design - engineered to resist overloading and sudden dropped loads.

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Diamond Series Bench Bases

Diamond Series bench scales are built to the highest specification for dependable industrial weighing. They are designed to be tough and long lasting, with no moving parts for outstanding reliability. Their design also protects against overloading or objects dropped on the scale.

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Digi Base S-T-U-V

The DIGI S Series Bench Scale Bases are designed for endurance with a 300% overload rating and IP66 rated design. Shock-resistant load cells withstand damage from harsh loading and include platform corner support. Multiple mid-size base dimensions and capacities are available up to 1500 lb.

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Model S100

The S100 is a low cost general purpose, self-contained industrial scale with RS-232 interface for simple non-trade weighing applications.

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