BSQ Bench Base

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The BSQ is a highly accurate digital bench base with up to 1 billion internal count resolution and readability up to 3.5 million divisions (unapproved). In practice, this means that the BSQ can detect even the tiniest of weight changes with astounding precision. Featuring the very latest state of the art suspended Quartzell technology, the BSQ guarantees repeatable balance accuracy at all times. The Quartzell’s digital signal allows the scale to weigh faster and with greater resolution than standard load cells. Small and large items can be weighed on a single base, allowing one scale to do a job that might previously have required several. With a fast return to zero between readings, the BSQ provides the speed and repetitive accuracy that can be vital in situations where highly accurate weight readings are required.

Environmental Protection

The dust, dirt, oils and liquids that are present in many industrial applications can create a hostile environment for all types of electrical equipment. The BSQ is built to withstand the rigors of these harsh surroundings. Interference The clam-shell cover is fully enclosed, reducing the likelihood of environmental interference caused by the accumulation of dust and dirt or even drafts which might otherwise cause slight nuances in weighing accuracy. Fluids and Dirt Built-in drip pathways help to channel unwanted dirt and fl uids away from critical areas within the base. This clever design makes the scale suitable for use in dirty, oily environments where liquids such as cutting fl uids could otherwise aff ect the accuracy of the Quartzell weighing element. Thermal Resistance The internal design of the scale off ers an excellent thermal coupling barrier, enabling weighing of hot items while protecting against a thermal shift that could aff ect the accuracy of the base.

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